Life dream is a traditional ship made of olive wood that started sailing in Thassos in 1979 as a piscatorial ship. In 2006 it was transformed into a cruise ship based on the laws of the Greek and European  sea common law. In 2019 it was renovated under our supervision as well as the supervision of the qualified naval architect and thanks to its excellent structure, it can offer wonderful cruises around the island in safety and comfort.

Our qualified and experienced captain along with the well  trained crew are always ready to provide you with information about the places to visit and make your cruise as comfortable as possible.

A cruise on a ship like Life Dream is something that all tourists should decide to do when coming to Greece. The sun, the sea and the air create a unique feeling.

Cruise and Health

All covid-19 measures as given by the government and the World Health Organization are followed on the ship to guarantee a safe journey. Please keep distances and follow the crew’s instructions.

The ship is equipped with all the modern rescue means. There are life jackets for all passengers, adults and children, as well as enough life boats for everyone on board. In every journey your safety is our crew’s main priority.

That’s why you should take a cruise

Nowadays that most people lead a busy life with little or no free time for relaxation, stress and anxiety are prevalent. A sea cruise is relaxing and refreshing. Being at sea keeps your balance, expels the stress and awakens the senses. After all this is the best way to relax. We know it, we have experienced it and we want to share it with you. Try it with us in one of our sea cruises with Life dream.